City Series - PBC Legacy T-Shirts

As we prepare for PBC FounderCon - our 10th Patriot Boot Camp program, and our 1st alumni-only event - we'd like to honor the legacy of our 9 program cohorts to-date with Artist Series t-shirts for each prior-year host city.

Call for Entries

We welcome designs from all interested parties!  Please incorporate the following elements:

  1. Patriot Boot Camp's logo(s);
  2. Local nuance and design elements unique to the PBC host city of your choosing;
  3. Your own unique design sense.

The best designs for each location will be added to the PBC Threadless Store for the world to see and wear!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Wednesday, 31 August 2016.  Winning designs will be announced on 5 September 2016.


  • Create a high resolution version of your design. Keep your layers separate.
  • Create a 72 dpi flattened copy of your design.
  • Download a template of your canvas below.
  • Drop your flattened copy onto one of the templates provided, or create your own.
  • Your submission should be 1200 pixels wide, 1200 pixels tall, and 72 dpi.
  • Save your file as a jpg.
  • Submit via the below form.
  • Multiple entries are welcome!


Name *
Your image must be in JPG format (RGB mode not CMYK), 1200 pixels wide x 1200 pixels tall.

Past Host Cities

  • Austin (2016)
  • Phoenix (2016)
  • Detroit (2015)
  • Chapel Hill (2015)
  • NYC (2015)
  • Madison (2014)
  • NYC (2014)
  • DC (2013)
  • DC (2012)