Let's get started.

Interested in organizing a Veterans in Residence Community?  Great!  We’re glad you’re here. Organizing is a truly rewarding experience that can help build your network, community, and even your own startup.  Before you begin, there are few things we need from you:


Step 1.  You must attend a Patriot Boot Camp program before becoming a Community Captain.
All ViR Community Captains must have previously attended a Patriot Boot Camp program - as an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, sponsor, or volunteer.  This is important for a number of reasons, but mostly because there is simply no way to fully understand what Patriot Boot Camp is all about without experiencing it firsthand.  View upcoming Patriot Boot Camp programs

Step 2.  Read the rules & requirements

Step 3.  Understand the commitment

We ask each Community Captain to make a one-year commitment to building his/her local ViR community.  During this period, here's what our optimal outcomes look like:

  • Developing a close relationship with PBC staff, WeWork staff, PBC sponsors & partners, PBC community members (alumni & mentors), and the local veteran & startup communities.  We'll help with the intro's ... 
  • Making the WeWork ViR space a destination for local veterans who are interested in startups or entrepreneurship
  • Planning at least 1-2 monthly startup-related educational programs and social events
  • Identifying a list of 25-50 local mentors and speakers with a diverse range of compelling startup and/or military experience
  • Recruiting 20-40 local veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs to work 2+ days/week out of space at WeWork
  • Orchestrating one longer-form (1/2-day, 1-day or weekend) startup event - a la Startup Weekend, Patriot Startup (PBC-lite), PBC, veteran entrepreneur conference, PBC Founder Forum (alumni conference), etc.
  • Develop the nucleus of local veteran activity at your WeWork ViR location
  • Build relationships with veteran-friendly sponsors and employers in your city

Step 4.  Apply to become a Community Captain