Press Release: Patriot Boot Camp Coming to Denver, CO (September 22-24, 2017)

June 6, 2017

Patriot Boot Camp is hosting its next technology entrepreneurship boot camp in Denver, Colorado from September 22-24, 2017. The program will welcome 50 military veteran and spouse entrepreneurs from around the country, who will participate in educational workshops, mentoring sessions with startup experts, and peer networking at SendGrid, WeWork Union Station, and other venues throughout Denver over the course of three intensive days. 

The event will be sponsored by USAA, Techstars, and the Jared Polis Foundation, with local support from SendGrid. 

Patriot Boot Camp will be accepting applications for the Denver program through August 6, 2017. Priority consideration will be given to those who apply before the early application deadline of July 9, 2017. Applicants will be notified by email of their acceptance status no later than August 25, 2017.

Click the "Apply Now" button below to submit an application.

Hillary Clinton visits PBC's Denver HQ; Patriot Boot Camp launches new website

A Momentous Day for Galvanize & PBC

Tuesday, June 28:  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, visited the Galvanize Denver (Golden Triangle) campus, Patriot Boot Camp's Denver headquarters.  

During her visit, Clinton toured the campus with Galvanize's leadership team, unveiled her innovation and technology agenda for economic growth, and spent time with two Galvanize-based organizations:  PanXchange and Patriot Boot Camp.

Hillary Clinton discusses military veteran entrepreneurship and transition education programs with Josh Anderson, Director at Patriot Boot Camp, and Ben Deda, COO of Galvanize.

Hillary Clinton discusses military veteran entrepreneurship and transition education programs with Josh Anderson, Director at Patriot Boot Camp, and Ben Deda, COO of Galvanize.

As she addressed the large crowd assembled at Galvanize Tuesday, Clinton discussed PBC's mission and the issue of veteran employment and reintegration:

"I want to thank Josh Anderson of Patriot Boot Camp for working on another set of challenges, and that is:  how we do a much, much better job creating employment pathways for our vets – something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about and working on. 

There are good ideas out there, but they’re not yet broad enough, deep enough, so that we are really doing what we should to give our vets the chance to have a good future.  It needs to start as – I was just talking to Josh and Ben about – it needs to start while they’re still in the military, before they leave.  We don’t do a good enough job with transition planning.  We’ve got to do more to get them connected with successful programs that produce results.

So, using Patriot Boot Camp as an example, and given the results that you’ve had, gives me a lot of hope that we can do a much better job for our vets.  And that’s something that I am 100 percent committed to." 

Mrs. Clinton also shared her tech agenda, using Galvanize as inspiration for her broader vision.  See video below.

The PBC team is beyond grateful for Mrs. Clinton's support for Patriot Boot Camp*, her commitment to our veteran and entrepreneur communities, and we are honored to call Galvanize a partner and a HQ. 

New PBC Website

On the heels of Mrs. Clinton's visit, Patriot Boot Camp is also proud to announce the launch of a newly designed site, that includes a new donation portal, a t-shirt shop, and a new alumni perks page.  Please share your feedback with us!


While Patriot Boot Camp does not endorse any political party or candidate, we welcome and value the support of any candidate who advocates for our entrepreneurs and military veterans.  We see entrepreneurship and veterans programs as transcending party lines.  While we welcome feedback and positive discourse on substantive issues, we do not welcome vitriol or politically-charged comments.