Rules & Requirements

While we’re not a rule-oriented organization, these guidelines provide a high level of quality and consistency to ensure that you're setup for success, and your community provides maximum value to its members.  Community Captains are expected to abide by the following rules & requirements.

Community Captain Requirements:

You must participate in a Patriot Boot Camp prior to organizing a ViR community.
Simply put, if you haven’t been at a Patriot Boot Camp, it’s impossible for you to deliver the vision and experience to others. Attending a program beforehand will ensure you understand the full experience and give you a better idea of how to organize a ViR community.

All Community Captains are individuals; you cannot organize a ViR Community on behalf of another organization, group, or institution without specific approval from your PBC leadership.  
Grassroots communities are led by individuals, not organizations. We want Patriot Boot Camp to be run by people who are passionate about building their startups and their local veteran entrepreneur community, not by people who see it as part of their job.

Community Captains have term limits.
No community should have to rely on the same one or two people to build and maintain their community into perpetuity. Part of the role of a Community Captain is cultivating new leaders, to ensure your community continues to grow, evolve, and thrive.  Terms may be renewed at the joint discretion of PBC and the Community Captain

Community Captains are expected to live nearby the community in which they plan to organize, unless you have prior approval from your Regional Manager. 
As an organizer, we consider your team the local experts. If you are not local, it can be very difficult to find the right resources and people to contact. Not to mention the perks that come from organizing will come from the local relationships you form within your community.


General Requirements

Until we've established a standard program playbook, we recommend that Veterans-in-Residence events must follow one of the following format:

  • Happy Hour
  • Lunch & Learn
  • ViR Speaker Series
  • ViR Panel Series
  • Fireside Chat
  • Patriot Startup (program plan forthcoming in 2017)
  • Mentor/Advisory Hours

PBC is in the process of building templated guides for running events and programs, but in the meantime, please email with any questions or other program/event ideas!

All events & programs hosted in commons spaces (outside of the WeWork ViR lounge or reserved conference rooms) must be open to the public.  Exceptions require specific approval from PBC.
The ViR community isn’t an elitist club.  Our aim is to help, equip, and inspire any veteran or military spouse to take entrepreneurial action in his or her life.  Blocking people from entry goes against our mission, and that of WeWork. That said, we are constrained by time and space, so we've established processes and programs that allow us to be inclusive while also being good stewards of our limited resources.  

No legal documentation or contracts of any kind are allowed to be signed at (or on behalf of) Patriot Boot Camp or WeWork programs. 
PBC aims to deliver experiential education, inspiration, and community-building.  Legally binding documents don't have a place in the day-to-day operations of ViR communities.  If ever you're in doubt, email us.  

All events and programs should have limited capacity and require rsvp's.
We’ve found that event quality begins to diminish once events exceed optimal capacities, as determined by space, mentor-to-attendee ratios, food & beverages, and other variables.  Larger events mean fewer resources available to each attendee, including oxygen.  Please work with your local WeWork Community Managers to identify the optimal attendee numbers, and use our resources to setup event landing pages and accept rsvp's.  

No money changes hands.
While our intent is for the ViR community to help veterans and military spouses accelerate their businesses (or find their path within the local startup economy), PBC and its Community Captains are to have no financial interest in developing the community itself.  

Monetary compensation for organizing a ViR community or event is strictly prohibited.  ViR event funds cannot be used for personal financial gain.  We recognize that our success is largely due to the work of our Community Captains; however, we feel there is much to be gained from organizing ViR communities that is not directly financial.  

There will be no cost to attend any ViR events or programs, no ticket costs, no charge for workspace, etc., unless explicitly approved by PBC.

We encourage in-kind prizes (products, subscriptions, networking opportunities, product use, etc.) that directly impact the progress and success of veteran startups.  The goal of the ViR program is to create impact, and we would strongly prefer prizes that reward attendees with opportunity instead of physical goods.  We recommend finding prizes that help advance the attendee's journey as an entrepreneur. Reach out if you would like some prize suggestions.

All ViR events and programs must give proper recognition to global and local sponsors.
Our sponsors provide a lot of support for our community, and often give far more than just financial air-cover (e.g. resources, mentors, marketing, etc).  It’s critical that we give them the recognition they deserve, and continue building towards long-term partnerships.


Branding Requirements

"WeWork Veterans-in-Residence powered by Patriot Boot Camp" is a standalone program and cannot be co-branded.
The WeWork x Patriot Boot Camp partnership is exclusive and non-transferable.  While we are happy to recognize sponsors and supporters in other ways, we will not honor other brands in the core partnership.  

All ViR communities must be named according to the following convention:
WeWork Veterans-in-Residence [City Name] powered by Patriot Boot Camp

Please contact the Patriot Boot Camp team to inquire about alternative naming arrangements for specific purposes (t-shirts, races, etc.). This helps us keep our branding consistent across markets, and will make it much easier for participants to find the ViR community in your city.

All event logos, banners, and other marketing materials must include the following:
Approved "WeWork Veterans-in-Residence" logo
Approved "powered by Patriot Boot Camp logo" OR underscored with the text: “powered by Patriot Boot Camp” in Montserrat font


Website Requirements

All ViR communities will be assigned a unique landing page within in order to explain the mission and purpose of the community to the public, to showcase the community's unique events, mentors, and veterans entrepreneurs, and to provide proper recognition to community and global sponsors.

We require that all events are listed on the /vir-[city_name] page on, and that each organizer uses Typeform or Eventbrite to collect rsvp's.  Tutorials for using these tools is provided within the Community Captain resources page.    

All ViR event landing pages must contain:

  • A header/logo that adheres to the Branding Requirements (listed above)
  • The event’s mentors, speakers, and panelists, et al.
  • The event's sponsors
  • A mechanism for collecting rsvp's

Unless otherwise agreed, all Community Captains must use the Website Template provided by the Patriot Boot Camp team, within the url of[city_name].  Once your application has been approved, you’ll be given instructions for setting up and managing this page.  Attendees will be able to easily find community information, and will experience consistent messaging and branding across communities.