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Marilyn Jackson

Marilyn Jackson is CEO of UnderGrid Networks, a digital technology and engineering firm headquartered in Atlanta. She has spent over two decades in senior-level assignments innovating and ushering Fortune 500 companies into the digital age.

Before founding UnderGrid Networks, Marilyn served as one of the leaders of Verizon Innovation Vertical Team, which served as the forward-looking think tank for new digital products and services. There, she led the creation of commercial and product development relationships with content providers, content services providers, wireless infrastructure companies and mobile carriers. Previous senior positions include those with IBM Corp., Cisco Systems and the Department of Defense.

Marilyn has worked with the GSMA, a global organization that unifies the mobile ecosystem to discover, develop and deliver innovation foundational to positive business environments and societal change. She’s also supported pioneering startups in wireless and software industries. Marilyn now focuses her efforts on providing connectivity solutions related to the industrial internet of things, extended reality and artificial intelligence. She is an expert on the impacts of technology on the global, connected economy.

Marilyn is an Air Force veteran, veteran spouse and Patriot Boot Camp alumnus.