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DAV National Veterans Entrepreneurship Council

On December 31, 2021, DAV acquired Patriot Boot Camp, establishing DAV Patriot Boot Camp as a core program to DAV’s entrepreneurship support initiative. As part of that acquisition, the DAV National Veteran Entrepreneurship Council (NVEC) was established, and the members of the Patriot Boot Camp board formed the NVEC with other friends of DAV.

The goal of the NVEC is to support the DAV mission, advance DAV entrepreneurship efforts, and provide feedback on entrepreneurship programs, including but not limited to DAV Patriot Boot Camp.

The Council Members are committed to sharing their expertise, skills, networks, and resources to empower entrepreneurs in the veteran and military-connected community.  In doing so, the council supports DAV’s overarching mission to keep promises to those whose lives are forever changed in military service by making the business world accessible.

David Calone, Co-Chair
Jove Equity Partners LLC
Taylor McLemore, Co-Chair
Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator
John Bird, Member
Military Affairs, USAA
Matthew Hyde, Member
Catalyst Law Group LLP
Marilyn Jackson, Member
UnderGrid Networks
Dave Knox, Member
Blue North
Valerie Lavin, Member
Action Zone, Inc.
Emily McMahan, Member
AIN Ventures
Al Nardslico, Member