Patriot Boot Camp

How the program is structured

PBC’s core program is an intensive three-day event designed to engage, inspire, and mentor, military members, veterans and military spouses, to help them start, innovate, and scale the next generation of technology-focused businesses. PBC provides participants with free education and training in entrepreneurial and business skills, as well as mentorship from successful leaders from the entrepreneurial, military and business communities. PBC hosts its event at no cost to participants in locations across the country.


Patriot Boot Camp is open to all active duty service members, veterans, and military spouses. PBC participants come from all walks of life in the entrepreneurial community. Men and women, officers and enlisted, veterans and spouses, All come together to improve themselves professionally and entrepreneurially.

Agenda Overview

Day 1 – Education

  • Participants receive advice, recommendations and lessons-learned from world-class speakers and industry leaders.

  • In the afternoon, participants are broken up into group breakout sessions to gain in-depth knowledge in specific areas.

Day 2 – Mentor Sessions

  • Participants meet one-on-one in 30-minute sessions with business leaders from around the nation. These mentors will help participants build networks, provide feedback, and give recommendations on how to grow a business.


Day 3 – Pitch Practice / Competition (half day)

  • Select participants will be given the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned to the entire cohort. All participants will be given the chance to practice their pitch.

*On the evenings of days 1 and 2, participants will be taken to visit local companies and organizations for great networking opportunities.

Program Mission

Patriot Boot Camp’s mission is to provide military members, veterans and military spouses with the support and resources they need to take charge of their entrepreneurial journey and build the next generation of high-growth technology companies of scale and impact.